"The Braketts", backing vocals


"The Braketts",

Backing Vocals

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Jessica Amboyan - "RED" or "Jessie" has been on the music seen in Florida for about 12 years with many local band favorites... Now driven out of retiring after taking an interest in Jeff Adam's music and working with the talent in the band, she feels complete, yet so much more room to grow. BRAKE FAIL is the break she needed!

No stranger to the stage, Mimi Schankman has been sharing a mellifluous blend of vocals and percussion since 2008 as a cofounder of the all-girl local band affectionately called, the Beaches. "Sometimes the harmonies speak louder to me than the melody."  Her greatest passion is being part of something far bigger than herself. This team player is excited to embark on a new endeavor, sharing the stage with the collection of top-notch artists of BrakeFail, featuring the vision and musical genius of Jeff Adams.