Paul Champagne, keys, vocals


Paul Champagne,

Keys, Vocals

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Paul Champagne, originally from South Florida, is probably the guy in Brake Fail with the fewest accolades. Toured the world? Nope. Played halftime at the Superbowl? Nope. Made sweet love in the audio trailer between sets? 5th amendment.  He started piano as a puppy and came to rock-and-roll in high school with a band called White Shadow.  Since then, Paul has rocked out with the Buddy Brooks Band, Visual Impact, the Crashers, Cover Fire, and sat in on recording sessions with local bands.
When originally contacted about Brake Fail, Paul was kind of down on the whole 10:00-2:00 cover band scene and wasn’t really looking for a project.  But then, “Smash” simply blew his mind.  Since then, working on an original project, with Jeff’s brilliant music and the best musicians in southwest Florida, has been a blast!  Brake Fail has been a unique opportunity and Paul is proud to be part of it.