Patrick Ray Walsh, lead vocals, keys


Patrick Ray Walsh,

Lead Vocals, Keys

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Patrick Ray Walsh is a singer, songwriter, and multi-talented musician. Born and raised in New York, Patrick eventually relocated to Florida. He was given a gift, love, and passion for music. No matter where or what he plays, he is always singing with his last breath, and playing by the seat of his pants, looking for that crowd energy that drives his soul. Patrick treats every gig, show and event like it’s his last!

Patrick has enjoyed playing, performing, and writing music for more than 30 years. He has two studio album credits, in addition to performing and/or touring with Bryan Johnson (ACDC), Duc Dunn (famed Blues Brothers band), Clayton Krammer, MP+3, TRINITYON8O, Fear of Flying, Mickey T Guild and The Storm, Fernando Aragon and Dangerous Aliens, Kennedy and Walsh, The Arch, Shotgun Justice, and many more.

Visit Patrick at:
Facebook Page - @prw4949
ReverbNation Artist - Patrick Ray Walsh
YouTube Channel - patrick walsh