Loren Berry, drums


Loren Berry,


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Loren Berry grew up in the St. Louis metro area and played his first paid gig at the age of 15.  He joined the local music union and soon began getting calls for fill-in gigs from many different acts that allowed Loren experience in just about every genre of music.  In 1977 he moved to Denver Colorado and soon hit the road with a traveling country rock act.  After being caught in the fall out from the Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption in 1980, he headed back to St. Louis where he played with several top acts over the next 10 years. 


Seeking to escape the long winters, he moved to Southwest Florida in 1991.  He soon met several songwriters and musicians, including Jeff Adams, and the two corroborated on a CD project released in1998.  Loren founded The Crashers (a dance/party band) in 2004 and enjoyed 13 years of local success in SWFL.  In 2010 he was selected to be the band leader/music director for former Temptations’ lead singer Glenn Leonard in a Motown Review act titled “Glenn Leonard Presents Hitsville Live.”  Loren still leads this band on several shows per year.


In May of 2018 Jeff and Loren decided to get back together and form Brake Fail.  With all the years of experience that this group brings, it’s sure to be the best project on Loren’s resume.


Loren can also be seen at:
Glenn Leonard Presents Hitsville Live