Jeff Adams, lead guitar, songwriter


Jeff Adams,

Lead Guitar, Songwriter

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Capitol/EMI recording artist and Hall of Fame guitarist/songwriter, Jeff Adams hails from the DC area, and currently resides in Florida. Jeff’s writing, arranging and performing talents are aired on both mainstream and internet radio. Album credits include his publicly regaled solo album Death By 1000 Lics, studio (LA and London) and live albums by the Baltimore-based, international hard rock band Face Dancer, and in Starkey Drive’s studio album. While Jeff is characterized by his peers as a humble guitar virtuoso on stage, he feels equally as fortunate off the stage to have a wonderful close-knit family in Florida, where he thrives in the West Florida music scene.

During Jeff’s time in LA in the ‘80s, he subsequently toured with Savoy Brown following a gracious invite by Kim Simmonds. Later while in LA, Jeff happily agreed to join Les Dudek’s band, as he was well-aware of Les’s collaborations with Boz Scaggs, the Steve Miller Band and Stevie Nicks. More recently, but back in the Baltimore area, Jeff proudly co-founded the band Smashbox Symphony with John West.

Crowds of up to 10,000 people witnessed Jeff’s musical coming of age. He looks forward to continuing his musical relationships in the Baltimore/DC area, in addition to joining his Florida colleagues on and off stage. Jeff is excited about continuing to write for, and perform in, Brake Fail alongside such talented friends.

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